The Republic of Tuva is situated in the very centre of the Asian continent, between latitudes 49'45" and 53'45" North and in longitudes 88'49" and 98'56" East. It lies within the limits of the Altai-Sayan mountain system. To the south it borders on Mongolia. The territory of the republic is just over 170,000 square kms. The population is slightly over 300,000. The indigenous and predominant nationality (more than 70 %) is Tuvan, who speak a Turkic language. The capital of Tuva is the city of Kyzyl, which has a population of 100,000. Until the beginning of the twentieth century Tuva had always been under control of neighbouring powers. In 1921 it became an independent state - the Tuvan Peoples' Republic. Soon after it adopted its own national symbol, flag, army and currency (the aksha) and began producing its beautiful postage stamps, which are a firm favourite with philatelists. In 1944 Tuva joined the USSR as an autonomous region. Today Tuva is a republic within the Russian Federation. - from Dina Oiun, Tuva Online

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