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The Power of Sound  Volume 1

The new Sound Healing CD by Steve Sklar and Johnna Morrow, a recording of sonic "inner adventures"
designed to evoke and stimulate an enhanced sense of well-being, spiritual connectedness,
healing, and meditative journeying.

Available as CD ($15/US; $20 foreign) or Digital Download Highest-Quality 320 kbps MP3s ($10)

Tracks (clicks for samples):

1. Arches

2. Out of the Mist

3. Oh, Healing Waters

4. Oceana/Terra Firma

5. For Tenzin

6. Going… Going… Gong

Johnna Morrow: Vocals, flute, bass flute, didgeridoo, gongs, shaker, drum
Steve Sklar: Khoomei (Tuvan Throat-Singing), didgeridoo, Tibetan singing bowls, sruti box, gongs

Produced and engineered by Steve Sklar

All compositions by Johnna Morrow and Steve Sklar/BMI
Cover art and graphic design ©2013 Johnna Morrow
©2013 Skysong Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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